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Meet Sarah

born in Münster, Germany and raised in different parts of Germany, Sarah is one of those people who has decided to leave her comfort zone and learn about life and cultures. Her style about traveling is various from short trips to long term travel trips. Sarah loves to socialize with people all around the world and engage with different kind of cultures and food. Her favorite cities are Stockholm, Reykjavík, Valetta and Paris.

I just choose to be travelicious
all the time

you might wondering what I mean with being travelicious. For me it’s defining to get out of your comfort zone, explore and do new things. I am a person who gets easily bored when I stay too long at the same place. Traveling gives me a sense of freedom, cause I decide where I wanna go next and what to do there. I can not even tell when it all started, but when I was 18 I set the goal to spent every new-years-eve at a different place. Due to the fact that I was growing up in different parts of Germany and already on holidays with my parents when I was a child, I think it has also something to do with my education and general way of thinking to see as much as possible on earth and I guess that makes me travelicious!